Water, Sewer, Maintenance

The City's water and sewer infrastructure, along with the streets and property maintenance, are taken care of by two full-time employees; Chad Bohr is the department head with Kyle Tieskoetter assisting and one part-time employee; Randy Timp. Their maintenance shop is located at 106 W. Brooks Street, which is housed in the same building as the Ossian Fire Department.

Chad Bohr has served the City since June 28, 2021

Kyle Tieskoetter has served the City since November 28, 2024.

Randy Timp has served the City since March 27, 2010.


To pay your water bill online, click this link: https://www.govpaynow.com/gps/user/cyg/plc/a004yr

Contact Info

  • 106 W Brooks St, Ossian, IA 52161
  • 563-532-9465
  •   ossmaint3@acegroup.cc