Veteran’s Memorial Expansion Project

The City of Ossian is working with the Brockman-Hammersland American Legion Post #503 to expand the current Veteran’s Memorial. The project will start with creating a bigger and better base by removing the existing rock and pouring a cement pad expanding on what is currently in place. Four life-size bronze statues representing Army, Air Force, Marine and Navy branches will be added with the hope of adding several more statues including police, fire and medics in the future. There will be a path leading up to the memorial and lighting around it will also be updated.

A plaque honoring Lieutenant Rodney Nicholson Jr. of Ossian will also be added. Lt. Nicholson Jr. was killed in a military plane crash on November 12, 1947. He is credited with saving a school in Japan. The dedication date will be announced soon.

As with any project, it takes funding. Grants have been applied for and donations are being accepted. If you’d like to donate to this cause, please send donations to: Ossian City Clerk – Veteran’s Memorial, PO Box 295, Ossian, IA 52161.

Alvin Hageman and Sue Lienau would be happy to answer any questions you have about the project.

Updated: May 10, 2023