Lead Service Line Inventory

The Iowa DNR is requiring all public water supply systems within Iowa to conduct a lead service line inventory (LSLI) by October 16, 2024.
Ossian’s Maintenance Employees will be going door to door to inspect the water service line coming into houses. This includes all houses, even if there is no chance they contain lead. The DNR needs other information collected with the LSLI, such as when the line was installed or the material used. Below is a tentative schedule. Employees will be going door to door between the hours of 9am— Noon. If a resident is not home when the survey is being done on their street, a notice will be left at the door and the resident will need to set up a time that works for both parties.

June 5-9: West St., Jessie St., Bravo Dr., Kuhn Dr., Hill St.
June 12-16: Brooks St., Klisart St., Ogden St., Luann St.
June 19-23: Hall St., Bothel Ave., Boody St.
June 26-30: Becker Ave., Dessel St., Lydia St.
July 10-14: Mechanic, Mary, Broadway, Klein, 1st, 2nd, 3rd St.
July 17-21: Main St., Fisher Ave., South St., Center St., North St.
July 24-28: Highway 52, Co Rd W42, Co Rd B32, Sand Rd, Middle Ossian Rd, 185th Ave.

The City of Ossian appreciates your understanding and cooperation while completing the DNR’s required survey.

Updated: April 4, 2023