November 2, 2015

Posted: November 2, 2015

Present: E. Meyer, Holthaus, Langreck, Bushman. Bushman left the meeting at 5:10 pm.
Absent: M. Meyer.

Don Dilaura and a reporter from the Ossian Bee were present during the meeting along with Joe Helgeson for the purpose of the building permit application he submitted.

Mayor Covell called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

The City Council took up and considered the establishment of a proposed Urban Revitalization Area and a proposed Urban Revitalization Plan pursuant to Chapter 404, Code of Iowa. Whereupon, Councilmember E. Meyer moved the adoption of the Resolution # 560, declaring necessity and providing for notice of hearing on the proposed Urban Revitalization Plan. The motion was seconded by Council Member Bushman and passed by record vote as follows:
Ayes: Holthaus, Langreck, Bushman, E. Meyer.
Nays: None. Absent: M. Meyer.
Whereupon, the Mayor declared Resolution #560 adopted.

Bushman made a motion to adopt Resolution #561, a resolution authorized the City of Ossian to enter into an agreement with Iowa Department of Transportation for the purpose of financing improvements on specified streets with Federal Funding through the Surface Transportation Program (STP), seconded by Holthaus. Whereupon the Mayor put the question on the motion and the following named Council Members voted:
Ayes: Holthaus, Langreck, Bushman, E. Meyer.
Nays: None. Absent: M. Meyer.
Whereupon the Mayor declared Resolution #561 adopted.

Following review of a building permit application submitted by Joe Helgeson, Bushman made a motion approving a building permit for Helgeson, seconded E. Meyer, carried, one absent.

A building permit application submitted by Troy Troge was discussed where after Holthaus made a motion approving a building permit for Troge, seconded by Langreck, carried, one absent.

On the matter involving nuisance violations at property located on Old Sewer Road, it was the consensus of the Council to giving the property owner an extension date of July 1, 2016 to have the nuisances removed.

Bushman left the meeting at 5:10 pm.

Officer Ward gave his monthly report noting things have been fairly quiet.

Mayor Covell commended the city’s utility employees as he reported the City’s water system was one of forty entities in the State of Iowa awarded a Water Fluoridation Quality Award from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Mayor Covell also reported the South Winneshiek 8th grade class will be making a scale model of the solar system along Main Street from Schmitz-Grau Funeral Home to De Sales School on November 17 and November 19th. The students will use their math and science skills in trying to show an accurate scale of the distances of planets from the sun and from each other.

Holthaus made a motion approving the following consent items October 5, 2015 council minutes, clerk’s reports and the monthly bills, seconded by E. Meyer, carried, two absent.

E. Meyer made a motion approving the appointment of Lorraine Hendrickson to the Ossian Public Library’s Board of Directors, seconded by Langreck, carried, two absent. Hendrickson is filling the seat left vacant due to an expired term It was the consensus of the Council to contribute $200 to the South Winneshiek SODA organization.

The Mayor and Council had a general discussion which included; a request for cost sharing sidewalk installation, sidewalk improvements along the old fire station bldg, lighting in the community center bldg, Langreck made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Holthaus, carried, two absent. Meeting adjourned at 5:50 p.m.

October 2015 Expenses

  • Acentek-phone/internet charges 456.51
  • Aflac-employee deduction 248.76
  • Alliant Energy-electric utilities 4572.20
  • Baker & Taylor-library books 803.00
  • Barco Products-supplies 658.14
  • Bartlett Motors-equip repair 64.26
  • Becker Hardware-services & repair 2312.26
  • Black Hills Energy-gas utilities 163.38
  • Book Look-library books 65.94
  • Cardmember Service-library supp. 20.26
  • Casey’s-vehicle operations 225.67
  • City Laundering-services 194.82
  • City of Calmar-police services 15250.00
  • Collection Service Ctr- employ.deduct. 990.00
  • Cooking Light-subscription 24.00
  • Data Technologies-mtg fee 47.50
  • Demco-library supplies 81.07
  • Diamond Vogel Paint-supplies 731.00
  • DNR-permit fee 99.00
  • Doug Egeland Tiling-repair 283.75
  • Farmers Union Coop- services/supplies 1136.65
  • Fayette Publishing-publication fee 60.29
  • Grand Harbor Resort-mtg lodging 204.70
  • Hawkins-operating supplies 1346.82
  • Hemesath Enterprises-repair 200.00
  • IAMU-qtrly service fee 302.90
  • IA Water Envrionment Assoc.-mtg fee 50.00
  • IIW Engineers-services 5942.00
  • Iowa League of Cities-mtg fee 20.00
  • IPERS-Oct. Ipers 2960.93
  • Jeremy Larson-supplies 67.45
  • Jude Zweibohmer-mtg reimb. 203.13
  • Keystone Lab-lab fees 309.50
  • Kyle Meyer-services 520.00
  • Luana Savings Bank-h.s.a.pymt 300.00
  • Malcom Enterprises-garbage service 5027.25
  • MidAmerica Books-library books 76.80
  • Ossian Lumber Co.-supplies 11.99
  • Post Office-postage 393.75
  • Outdoor Recreation-park equip. 1264.00
  • Postville Vet Clinic-UPS chgs 67.50
  • Reilly Const-repair 500.00
  • Riley’s-supplies 30.00
  • Rite Price Office Supplies-supplies 47.67
  • RWL Water USA-repair 298.47
  • IRS-Oct. Federal deposit 5502.03
  • Treas State of Iowa-3rd qtr s/tax 2310.00
  • U.S. Cellular-phones & services 93.86
  • Wellmark-insurance premium 1824.90
  • October payroll 12337.32

Total 70701.43


October 2015 Expenses by Fund

  • General 37915.46
  • Road Use 5036.91
  • Employee Benefits 842.57
  • Local Option Tax 5942.00
  • Water 11468.13
  • Sewer 9496.36

Total 70701.43


October 2015 Receipts

  • General 75612.57
  • Road Use Tax 7941.02
  • Employee Benefits 11780.22
  • Emergency 1965.37
  • Local Option Tax 15849.29
  • Debt Service 12051.05
  • Water 11338.91
  • Sewer 12982.28

Total 149520.71