June 5, 2023

Posted: June 6, 2023

Present: Goltz, Holthaus, Knutson, Langreck, Lienau
City employees present: Chad Bohr, Brian Zweibohmer, Ashley Goltz
Also present: Kermit Oakland, Mike Meyer, Shelby Lansing, Erika Benzing, Joey Maiers, Alex Behnke

Following the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, Mayor Beckman called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Alex Behnke and Joey Meiers with GIS addressed the council regarding the GIS mapping services.

Alvin Hageman provided an update on expanding the Veteran’s Memorial at Carey’s Park.

Erika Benzing, Shelby Lansing and Mike Meyer discussed intakes on Brooks Street.

Council reviewed the submitted police report for May.

Lienau made a motion approving the following consent items: May 1, 2023 council minutes, clerk’s reports, and the monthly bills; seconded by Goltz, carried.

Lienau made a motion to award the FY23 audit contract to Rachelle Thompson, CPA; second by Langreck, carried.

Holthaus made a motion to have Mark Bohr extend the curb all the way to the driveway in front of 108 E. Brooks Street Goltz made a motion for Meyer Concrete to patch two areas on Klisart Street; second by Lienau; carried. Lienau made a motion for Meyer Concrete to replace six manholes around town; second by Knutson, carried.

Council took no action on purchasing equipment for the pickleball court.

Lienau made a motion for Tieskoetter Lawn Care to remove two trees in the boulevard and to clean up a tree at the City Park; second by Goltz, carried.

Langreck made a motion approving a cigarette permit for Casey’s General Store; second by Lienau, carried.

Goltz made a motion approving an alcohol beverage permit for The Local pending dram shop; second by Knutson, carried.

Holthaus made a motion approving the tax abatement application for Jim and Diane Henning, second by Langreck, carried.

Holthaus made a motion to approve building permit for Jim and Diane Henning; second by Knutson, carried. Lienau made a motion to approve a building permit for Zane Dehli pending sketch; second by Holthaus, carried.

Langreck made a motion to accept a bid from Reilly Construction for the demolition of 119 W. Main Street and 100 E. Main Street at the cost of $35,000 for both buildings and does not include asbestos removal; second by Goltz.
Whereupon the Mayor put the question on the motion and the following named Council Members voted:
Ayes: Holthaus, Langreck, Lienau, Goltz, Knutson. Nays: None.
Whereupon the Mayor declared said motion carried and the resolution adopted.

Council had a general discussion regarding transient merchant/peddler ordinance and Carey’s Park and City Park.

Goltz made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Langreck; carried. Meeting adjourned at 6:53pm.

Attest: Ashley Goltz Bryan Beckman
City Clerk Mayor

May 2023 Expenses
Acentek-network services 863.16
Aflac-employee insurance 211.00
Alliant Energy-elect utilities 5610.99
Allied Benefit Systems-insurance 1165.14
Ashley Goltz-reimb 423.87
Badger Meter-services 65.31
Baker Taylor-libr books 240.05
Becker Hardware-supplies 916.99
Black Hills Energy-utilities 412.85
Brian Zweibohmer-reimb 100.00
Casey’s General Store-fuel 692.26
Chad Bohr-reimb 100.00
City Laundering Co.-services 147.74
Custom Alarm-tech services 76.50
Family Support Payment Center 1423.00
Fayette Publishing-publishing 468.09
Fidelity Bank & Trust-taxes 3316.14
Graphics-newsletters 161.25
Hawkins, Inc.-supplies 120.00
Holiday Inn-training 224.00
IAMU-dues 427.00
IIMC-membership 210.00
IPERS-May Ipers 2132.61
Kyle Meyer-mowing 165.00
Luana Savings Bank-HSA/fees 1210.00
Malcom-garbage 5872.52
Marco-technology 250.47
Microbac-lab fees 275.50
Midwest Patch-street supplies 579.50
Mississippi Welders-maint 282.34
Ossian Lumber-supplies 39.96
Ossian Post Office-postage 203.97
Roger’s Lock & Key-services 1111.95
Rothmeyer Repair-repairs 37.50
Spee-dee Delivery-shipping 84.80
SVJ Creative Designs-statues 9000.00
Treasurer State of Iowa-taxes 714.97
Uline-supplies 3822.39
UMB Bank-bond pmt 176700.63
Winn Co. Engineer-supplies 1204.91
Winn Co. Sheriff-service 44.30
May 2023 Payroll 8346.26
Total 229454.92


May 2023 Expenses by Fund
General 34758.04
Road Use 4048.51
Employee Benefits 2365.14
Debt Service 176700.63
Water 5821.05
Sewer 5761.55
Total 229454.92


May 2023 Receipts
General 23858.50
Road Use Tax 9954.57
Employee Benefits 1152.61
Emergency 306.18
Local Option Sales Tax 13357.50
Debt Service 127508.47
Water 52416.66
Sewer 16146.95
Total 244701.44