July 6, 2020

Posted: July 6, 2020

Present: Holthaus, Goltz, Langreck, Knutson, Lienau.
Absent: None.

Brian Zweibohmer was also present.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, Mayor Beckman called the meeting to order at 5:00 pm.

Aaron Trezona of Tree Doctor Services was present to discuss Emerald Ash Borer issues within city limits and the options available to maintain trees.

The Mayor and Council reviewed the submitted June police report.

Mayor Beckmans report included: lagoon fence and slip lining sewer main and service lines and other general information. Mayor Beckman thank Reilly Construction for their time and donation for the City Park improvements.

Lienau made a motion approving the following consent items: June 1, 2020 council minutes, clerk’s reports and the monthly bills, seconded by Goltz, carried.

Lienau made a motion approving Ordinance #81, an ordinance amending provisions pertaining to conflict of interest; seconded by Knutson. Whereupon the Mayor put the question on the motion and the following named Council Members voted:
Ayes: Knutson, Lienau, Langreck, Goltz, Holthaus.

Nays: None.

Whereupon the Mayor declared said motion carried and the resolution adopted.

Goltz made a motion to waive the second and third readings of Ordinance #81, and Ordinance #81 be passed and approved, second by Holthaus. Whereupon the Mayor put the question on the motion and the following named Council Members voted:
Ayes: Knutson, Lienau, Langreck, Goltz, Holthaus

Nays: None

Whereupon the Mayor declared said motion carried with Ordinance #81 becoming effective upon publication.

Council discussed hosting a 3rd annual Fall City Wide Cleanup day and set it for September 18 & 19, 2020. More information will be discussed and available after the August City Council meeting.

Council discussed possible safety items the City could apply for using a 2020 ICAP Grant made available by the city’s insurance carrier. The matter was tabled for further consideration.

Street repairs for FY2020/2021 was discussed. Lienau made a motion to make the following street repairs: manhole on S. Mary Street, the extension on the north side of E. Brooks St. to accommodate a manhole and intake, and Reilly Addition repair pending cost estimate; second by Holthaus.

Lienau made a motion to approve a fence permit for Tanner Baumler; second by Holthaus.

After discussion on the lagoon fence; it was tabled to gather further information.

Upon discussion of purchasing a power washer, it was tabled to gather further information.

Lienau made a motion to approve building permits for Andy and Trisha Smith, Brenda Teslow, and Joe Helgeson pending agreement; second by Holthaus.

Council had a general discussion regarding sewer maintenance needs, reimbursement request, and security cameras.

Lienau made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Langreck, carried. Meeting adjourned at 6:35 pm.

June 2020 Expenses

  • Acentekphone/internet charges 502.51
  • Aflac employee insurance 335.92
  • Alliant Energyelect utilities 6038.02
  • Allied Systems Inc 2530.00
  • Badger Meterservice fees 64.50
  • Baker & Taylor Colibrary books 554.31
  • Becker Hardwaremaint supplies/repair 86.37
  • Black Hills Energygas utilities 116.70
  • Bohr Construction 373.00
  • Bolson Floor Service 400.00
  • Brian Zweibohmerphone &mtg reimb 50.00
  • Card Servicesoperating supplies 1526.23
  • Casey’svehicle operations 385.65
  • City Launderingservices 114.65
  • Decorah Tech LLC 4405.56
  • Demcolibrary supplies 194.95
  • Don Dilauraphone & reimb 240.35
  • Family Support Payment Center 1423.00
  • Farmer’s Union Coop 20.70
  • Fayette Publishingpublication fee 260.62
  • Fidelity Bank & Trust 4490.77
  • Flags USA Inc 254.00
  • Hawkinssupplies 10.00
  • ICAP Insurance 18875.86
  • IMWCA work comp insurance 5689.00
  • Iowa One Call 25.20
  • IPERSJune Ipers 3275.90
  • Jeff Schissel equip rent 260.00
  • Keystonelab fees 228.50
  • Kyle L Meyer 725.00
  • LL Pelling Co 674.10
  • Luana Savings Bank HSA pymt 600.00
  • Luana Savings Bank service fees 20.00
  • Malcom Enterprisesgarbage serv. 5004.92
  • Ossian Post Officepostage&box rent 266.70
  • Reilly Construction 1777.37
  • Riley’s Inc library supplies 903.94
  • Sidewalk Reimburesment 62.50
  • SpeeDee Deliveryshipping chgs 67.46
  • Team Lab Chemical supplies 79.00
  • Treasurer State of Iowa taxes 2225.00
  • UMB Bank service fee 300.00
  • Utility Equipment Co supplies 56.70
  • Wellmarkheath insurance 4445.42
  • Winneshiek Co Extension 1000.00
  • Zeigler supplies 72.63
  • June 2020 payroll 13260.88

Total 84273.89


June 2020 Expenses by Fund

  • General 57544.11
  • Road Use 3838.33
  • Employee Benefits 3589.45
  • Water 7918.47
  • Sewer 11383.53

Total 84273.89


June 2020 Receipts

  • General 33699.64
  • Road Use Tax 10334.11
  • Employee Benefits 395.61
  • Emergency 70.99
  • Local Option Sales Tax 8752.03
  • Debt Service 417.07
  • Water 12627.97
  • Sewer 16176.07

Total 82473.49