February 6, 2023

Posted: February 6, 2023

Present: Goltz, Holthaus, Knutson, Langreck, Lienau Absent: None
City employees present: Chad Bohr, Brian Zweibohmer, Ashley Goltz

Also present: Kermit Oakland, Kathy Schwartzoff

Following the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, Mayor Beckman called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Mayor Beckman announced the public hearing for the FY24 proposed max levy was open for any questions or comments. There were no written comments or objections submitted, nor were there any comments or objections from those present. Mayor Beckman closed the public hearing.

Gworks Staff discussed additional software programs with the council.

Kathy Schwartzoff and friends addressed the council regarding placing a tree in Carey’s Park in memory of Robyn Dundee. The city will work with Pinter’s to find a suitable location for the tree. Schwartzoff left after addressing the council.

Council reviewed the submitted police report for January.

Langreck made a motion approving the following consent items: January 4, 2023 council minutes, clerk’s reports, and the monthly bills; second by Lienau, carried.

Lienau made a motion approving Resolution 687, a resolution concerning a maximum proposed property tax levy for the FY24 budget; seconded by Knutson.

Whereupon the Mayor put the question on the motion and the following named Council Members voted:
Ayes: Holthaus, Langreck, Lienau, Goltz, Knutson. Nays: None.

Whereupon the Mayor declared said motion carried and the resolution adopted.

Lienau made a motion setting the public hearing date and time for the FY24 Budget for March 6, 2023 at 5:00 p.m., seconded by Goltz, carried. A general discussion was held concerning the FY24 budget. The city clerk went over the property tax levy explaining the various levies within the city’s budget. The other larger sources of revenue the city receives come from franchise fees, local option tax, road use tax and the water and sewer fees.

Council reviewed the FY22 audit findings and recommendations as presented by Rachelle K. Thompson, CPA.

Council had discussion on Gworks software program and decided not to purchase addition programs at this time.

Lienau made a motion awarding the Hillside Cemetery mowing contract to Kyle Meyer at the rate of $155.00/mowing for the 2023 mowing season; second by Knutson, carried.

Water and sewer rates were discussed along with the costs associated with the eventual upgrade to the wastewater treatment plant. In order to help the city be more prepared when that time comes, Lienau made a motion to increase both the water and sewer improvement fees by $4; second by Langreck, carried. The clerk will prepare ordinances to have a first reading at the next meeting.

Employee wages were discussed. Lienau made a motion approving a $300 per year increase for Fire Chief Denis Holien; second by Goltz, carried with Goltz, Holthaus, Knutson, Langreck, and Lienau voting aye. Lienau made a motion approving a wage increase to $15.00/hour for Randy Timp; second by Lienau, carried with Goltz, Holthaus, Knutson, Langreck and Lienau voting aye. Knutson made a motion approving a wage increase of $1.50/hour for Ashley Goltz; second by Holthaus, carried with Holthaus, Knutson, Langreck and Lienau voting aye and Goltz abstaining. Due to wage increases in November 2022, Lienau made a motion to keep Brian Zweibohmer and Chad Bohr at their current wages; second by Langreck with Goltz, Langreck and Lienau voting aye and Holthaus and Knutson voting nay, motion carried.

Nuisance properties were discussed. The council advised having Pat Dillon, city attorney, reach out to the Defendant regarding progress via current court case.

Lienau made a motion to purchase bows for the streetlights with garland; second by Holthaus, carried.

Holthaus made a motion to purchase a locator for the Public Works Department; second by Lienau, carried.

Council had a general discussion regarding snow shoveling, mailboxes, Veteran’s Memorial, and gateway connection and upcoming council meetings.

Langreck made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Lienau; carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:24pm.

January 2023 Expenses

  • Acenteknetwork services 864.62
  • Aflacemployee insurance 211.00
  • Alliant Energyelect utilities 7253.61
  • Allied Benefit Systemsinsurance 689.39
  • Badger Meterservices 965.25
  • Baker & Taylorlibr books 842.36
  • Becker Hardwaresupplies 107.94
  • Black Hills Energygas utilities 2905.32
  • Brian Zweibohmerreimb 50.00
  • Casey’s General Storefuel 641.40
  • Chad Bohrreimb 50.00
  • Chuck’s Servicevehicle operations 42.50
  • City Laundering Co.services 139.85
  • Decorah Electricrepairs 262.50
  • Denis Holiendues 1200.00
  • Family Support Payment Center 1423.00
  • Farmer’s Union Coopsupplies 21.60
  • Fayette Publishingpublishing 134.25
  • Fidelity Bank & Trust 3506.24
  • Gundersen Heath Servicesfees 57.00
  • Hawkinssupplies 80.00
  • HiViz Safetysigns 100.00
  • IAMUdues 427.00
  • IPERSJanuary Ipers 2309.53
  • Kurt Anfinsondues 500.00
  • Luana Savings BankHSA/fees 460.00
  • Malcomgarbage 5910.11
  • Microbac Lablab fees 219.00
  • Mid America Publishinglibr subscrip 45.00
  • Midwest Patchstreet supplies 141.00
  • Omnisiteservice 1022.00
  • Ossian Beelibr subscrip 48.99
  • Ossian Post Officepostage 258.84
  • Reilly Constructionsupplies 145.43
  • Speedee Deliveryshipping 94.22
  • Storey Kenworthysupplies 54.89
  • Winneshiek County Recorder 12.00
  • January 2023 payroll 9274.02

Total 42469.86

2022 Wages

  • Bryan Beckman 2385.00
  • Chad Bohr 57426.25
  • Kay Elsbernd 22553.43
  • Ashley Goltz 39472.00
  • Graham Goltz 585.00
  • Penny Hertges 2700.62
  • Mitchell Holthaus 585.00
  • David Knutson 585.00
  • Dan Langreck 585.00
  • Susan lienau 585.00
  • Julia Schildmeyer 6180.17
  • Randall Timp 806.00
  • Brian Zweibohmer 55374.75

Total 189823.22


January 2023 Expenses by Fund

  • General 23208.23
  • Road Use 2980.35
  • Employee Benefits 1139.39
  • Water 6657.67
  • Sewer 8484.22

Total 42469.86


January 2023 Receipts

  • General 34053.19
  • Road Use Tax 7496.08
  • Employee Benefits 47.26
  • Emergency 12.32
  • Local Option Sales Tax 10807.27
  • Debt Service 101.21
  • Water 9818.18
  • Sewer 13324.80

Total 75660.31