February 5, 2018

Posted: February 5, 2018

Present: Lienau, Beckman, Knutson, Langreck, Holthaus. Holthaus arrived at 5:10 pm
Absent: None.
Don Dilaura, Brian Zweibohmer, Mike Meyer and Zak Kriener from the Ossian Bee were present during the meeting.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, Mayor Green called the meeting to order at 5:00 pm.

Officer Ward gave the police report and noted he is working on the 2017 annual report which will be available for review upon it’s completion.

Mayor Green reported: the city staff continues to work toward getting all the new water meters installed; Alliant Energy is having trees, which are growing into electrical lines throughout the communit, either removed or trimmed.

The Personnel Committee reported they have, or will be, meeting with city employees to discuss job related items.

Beckman made a motion approving the following consent items: January 8, 2018 council minutes, clerk’s reports and the monthly bills, seconded by Lienau, carried.

Beckman made a motion introducing Ordinance #73, an ordinance amending the Code of Ordinances of the City of Ossian. Iowa, by adding new sections establishing regulations for camping and recreation vehicles, for it’s first reading seconded by Lienau.
Whereupon the Mayor put the question on the motion and the following named Council Members voted:
Ayes: Lienau, Beckman.
Nays: Holthaus, Langreck, Knutson. .
The Mayor declared the proposed ordinance failed to receive majority approval and it is therefore defeated.

Nothing new was presented for discussion regarding the Military Trail Estates First Addition.

Beckman presented information regarding scrap and auto salvage yard businesses. Following discussion, it was motioned by Beckman for the City to take action to clean up the property at 109 Old Sewer Road. The motion died for lack of a second.

Lienau made a motion approving the renewal of Silver Springs Golf & Country club’s alcoholic beverages permit, seconded by Knutson, carried.

Beckman and Lienau, members of the personnel committee, stated they will make a recommendation for FY19 wages at the March 5, 2018 council meeting.

A general discussion was held concerning the FY2019 Budget. The city clerk went over the property tax levy explaining the varies levies within the city’s budget which make up the total levy of $12.67; up $.06 from the current levy of $12.61. The other larger sources of revenue the city receives come from franchise fees, local option tax, road use tax and the water & sewer user fees. As for expenses, the FY2019 Budget includes an upgrade to the railroad crossing on Lydia Street and extending Brooks Street west to meet the proposed Military Trail Estates subdivision. Otherwise, along with debt payments, it is made up of normal routine expenses.

Lienau made a motion setting the public hearing date and time for the FY2019 Budget for March 5, 2018 at 5:00 p.m., seconded by Langreck, carried.

Maggie Burger, the City’s financial advisor from Speer Financial, will be assisting the City with the financing process for the Jessie-Brooks Street Project and the Reilly Sewer Interceptor Project. Burger prepared a summary showing what the loan pay-back would be on the estimated amount of $1,300,000 needed to finance both projects. Once the accounting for both projects are final, the financing process will get started.

Other items brought up for Council discussion included: a request for water and sewer connections to newly plotted lots; allow golf carts on city streets; plant trees in the city-right-of way; submit a grant application for a city wide clean up event; on-site pick up of used items.

Holthaus made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Lienau, carried. Meeting adjourned at 6:40 pm.

January 2018 Expenses

  • Acentek-phone/internet charges 496.20
  • Aflac-employee deduction 254.40
  • Alliant Energy-elect utilities 6472.81
  • Iowa State Auditor-exam fee 1200.00
  • Baker & Taylor-library books 379.76
  • Banyon Data Systems-tech services 295.00
  • Becker Hardware-repair & supplies 481.92
  • Black Hills Energy-gas utilities 1185.83
  • Brian Zweibohmer-phone reimb 50.00
  • Card Member Services-library supplies 58.21
  • Casey’s-vehicle operations 211.35
  • Cintas-supplies 107.28
  • City Laundering-services&supplies 153.29
  • Demco-library supplies 20.00
  • Don Dilaura-phone reimb 50.00
  • Family Support Pymt Ctr-pymt service 1423.00
  • Fayette Publishing-publication fee 54.13
  • Food Network Magazine- subscription 9.99
  • Hawkins-operating supplies 15.00
  • IAMU-training service fee 375.20
  • Iowa Div.of Labor Services-permit fees 200.00
  • Iowa Prison Industries-supplies 53.90
  • IPERS-January Ipers 2008.44
  • John Deer Financial-equip repair 1162.04
  • Jude Zweibohmer-mtg reimb. 12.46
  • Keystone Lab-lab fees 346.00
  • L&B Electric-elect. Services 505.54
  • Luana Savings Bank-h.s.a.pymt, fees 470.00
  • Malcom Enterprises-garbage service 4845.73
  • Mark Zweibohmer-snow removal 30.00
  • Metering Technology Solutions- suppl. 8500.00
  • Omnisite-wireless service 420.00
  • Ossian Fire Dept-FY18 contribution 1200.00
  • Ossian Lumber Co.-supplies 46.21
  • Ossian Post Office-postage 196.30
  • Outdoor Life-subscription 19.97
  • People Magazine-subscription 159.95
  • Postville Vet Clinic-ups charges 105.00
  • Riley’s-library supplies 30.00
  • Rite Price Office-supplies 33.83
  • IRS-Nov Federal deposit 3524.05
  • Time-subscription 34.95
  • Treas.State of Iowa-4th qtr sales tax 2125.00
  • Tri-Township Fire Dept-FY18 1500.00 contribute
  • Wellmark-insurance premium 3268.46
  • Zoobooks-subscription 29.95
  • January 2018 payroll 6947.10

Total 51068.25


January 2018 Expenses by Fund

  • General 22602.39
  • Road Use 2202.62
  • Employee Benefits 2951.23
  • Water 12172.07
  • Sewer 11139.94

Total 51068.25


January 2018 Receipts

  • General 30137.74
  • Road Use Tax 7049.26
  • Employee Benefits 497.19
  • Emergency 80.59
  • Local Option Tax 8167.03
  • Library Trust 33.00
  • Debt Service 437.18
  • Water 10822.55
  • Sewer 12614.80

Total 69839.34