August 10, 2023

Posted: August 9, 2023

Present: Goltz, Holthaus, Knutson, Langreck, Lienau
City employees present: Chad Bohr, Brian Zweibohmer Ashley Goltz
Also present: Kermit Oakland, Aaron Lien

Following the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, Mayor Beckman called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Aaron Lien discussed millings with the council for the Silver Springs Golf Course.

Council reviewed the submitted police report for July.

Langreck made a motion approving the following consent items: July 10, 2023 council minutes, clerk’s reports, and the monthly bills; seconded by Goltz, carried.

Soo Green discussion was tabled.

Council had discussion on asbestos abatement for 100 E. Main Street.

Holthaus made a motion to approve a tax abatement application for Jim Stee; second by Knutson, carried.

Goltz made a motion to approve a building permit for Jose and Jillian Garcia, second by Knutson, carried.

Holthaus made a motion to sell the millings in the yard waste site to Silver Springs for $100 a load, second by Goltz, carried.

Due to Labor Day, the next council meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 6, 2023 at 5pm.

Council had a general discussion regarding Veteran’s Memorial, DNR report, GIS update, semi parking, and comp/vacation time and employee work hours and lunch breaks.

Goltz made a motion to adjourn the meeting to Old City Hall, seconded by Lienau; carried. Meeting adjourned at 6:32pm.

July 2023 Expenses
Acentek-network services 862.76
Advanced Environmental Services-asbestos 1625.00
Aflac-employee insurance 211.00
Alliant Energy-elect utilities 6320.24
Allied Benefit Systems-insurance 1165.14
Alvin Hageman- Vet Memorial reimb 4000.00
Badger Meter-services 65.31
Baker Taylor-libr books 84.57
Becker Hardware-supplies 326.93
Biblionix-libr tech 800.00
Black Hills Energy-utilities 183.44
Book Look-libr books 177.90
Brain Zweibohmer-reimb 50.00
Card Services-supplies 522.27
Casey’s General Store-fuel 731.04
Chad Bohr-reimb 113.04
City Laundering Co.-services 462.16
DNR-certifications 88.24
Erin Tieskoetter-reimb 10.00
Family Support Payment Center 1423.00
Farmer’s Union Coop-supplies 195.00
Fidelity Bank & Trust-taxes 3523.03
Harvey Zweibohmer-bus services 900.00
Hawkins, Inc.-supplies 10.00
Helping Services-dues 200.00
IAMU-dues 427.00
IPERS-July Ipers 2271.85
Kyle Meyer-mowing 480.00
Lewiston monument-benches 6636.00
Luana Savings Bank-HSA/fees 610.00
Malcom-garbage 5896.27
Marco-technology 140.97
Meyer Concrete-repairs 6492.00
Microbac-lab fees 303.50
NEIA Housing Trust-dues 1000.00
NEICAC-dues 802.00
Ossian Post Office-postage 750.36
Overdrive-libr books 468.42
QC Analytical Lab-training 150.00
Rothmeyer Repair-park repairs 125.00
Schilling Supply Co.-supplies 123.15
Secretary of State-notary renewal 30.00
Sherwin Williams-paint 332.78
South Winn Rec-dues 8000.00
Spee-dee Delivery-shipping 84.75
SVJ Creative Designs-vet statues 8000.00
Treasurer State of Iowa-taxes 767.50
Tree Doctor Services-maint 2891.00
July 2023 Payroll 8937.43
Total 79770.05


July 2023 Expenses by Fund
General 56313.07
Road Use 9257.90
Employee Benefits 988.38
Water 6587.65
Sewer 6623.05
Total 79770.05


July 2023 Receipts
General 27994.64
Road Use Tax 9013.26
Employee Benefits 152.69
Emergency 39.81
Local Option Sales Tax 10722.74
Debt Service 326.96
Water 17682.65
Sewer 19960.49
Total 85893.24