August 1, 2016

Posted: August 1, 2016

Present: Holthaus, Beckman, Meyer, Langreck, Lienau.
Absent: None.

Zak Kriener from the Ossian Bee was present during the meeting.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, Mayor Green called the meeting to order at 5:00 pm.

The owner of the property at 109 Old Sewer Road met with the Council regarding nuisance issues on his property. Council members Holthaus and Lienau met with the owner in July to inspect the property and noted there is junk on the property, but it is organized and the fence surrounding it approves the appearance. A main concern brought up is to whether or not a junk yard business can be located in a residential district. Steven Belay, the city’s attorney, reviewed the city’s code of ordinances and told those present that the junk yard is a nuisance and therefore does violate the city code. As a result the City has the right to require the nuisance to be abated. A motion was made by Beckman to set a public hearing for the Sept 2016 meeting to proceed with abatement of the nuisances located at 109 Old Sewer Road, seconded by Meyer. Motion failed with Beckman and Meyer voting yes and Holthaus, Langreck and Lienau voting no. More discussion followed with Attorney Belay advising the Council as to options that may be available allowing the operation of a business, with nuisances on the  property, in a residential district. The Council advised the property owner to come back with documents proving he is operating a business. The property owner will then need to apply for a Special Use Permit requesting permission to conduct the business in a Residential District The property owner indicated he is waiting for paperwork from the IDOT and will get back to the Council as soon as that is received. The City will continue seeking legal advice from Belay to assure the matter is dealt with appropriately.

Officer Ward gave the police report noting various routine citations and incidents occurring during the month.

Bob Larkin from Light Source Central explained to the Mayor and Council LED lighting options available they may want to consider for the community center building.

The Council reviewed maps, prepared by a representative from the DNR, showing location, what type and the condition of trees on city property. The focus is to eventually establish a plan to deal with ash trees and the emerald ash bore problem. Karl Schroeder was present and participated in the discussion.

Holthaus made a motion approving the following consent items: July 6, 2016 council minutes, clerk’s reports and the monthly bills, seconded by Meyer, carried.

The Mayor and Council reviewed an engineers update on various items concerning the Jessie, Brooks, West Street Paving Project.

Langreck made a motion introducing Ordinance #70, an ordinance amending the Municipal Code of the City by amending provisions pertaining to building and land use regulations, seconded by Holthaus.

Whereupon the Mayor put the question on the motion and the following named Council Members voted:
Ayes: Holthaus, Langreck, Lienau, Beckman, Meyer.
Nays: None.
Whereupon the Mayor declared said motion approved.

Langreck made a motion requesting the second and third readings for Ordinance #70 be waived and Ordinance #70 be passed and approved, seconded by Beckman.

Whereupon the Mayor put the question on the motion and the following named Council Members voted:
Ayes: Holthaus, Langreck, Lienau, Beckman, Meyer.
Nays: None.
Whereupon the Mayor declared said motion approved with Ordinance #70 becoming effective upon publication.

Beckman made a motion introducing Resolution #568, a resolution approving the FY16 Street Finance Report, seconded by Meyer.

Whereupon the Mayor put the question on the motion and the following named Council Members voted:
Ayes: Holthaus, Langreck, Lienau, Beckman, Meyer.
Nays: None.
Whereupon the Mayor declared said motion approved.
The city clerk presented the FY16 Annual Financial Report to the Mayor and Council for review.

A cost estimate to restore/rehabilitate the cabin in Carey’s park was reviewed by the Mayor and Council. It was noted there has been inquires about removing the cabin and rebuilding elsewhere. The Council will continue to weigh the options available before any decision is made as to the cabins future outcome.

Following review of proposals submitted, Holthaus made a motion hiring Doug Egeland Tiling to replace the storm sewer in the alley behind the businesses along the 100 Block of East Main Street, seconded by Meyer, carried.

Meyer made a motion approving building permits for both Brian Manning and Joe Kriener, seconded by Lienau, carried.

Due to the Labor Day holiday, the September regular council meeting will be held Wednesday September 7, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.

Lienau made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Langreck, carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm.

July 2016 Expenses

  • Acentek-phone/internet charges 460.75
  • Aflac-employee deduction 165.84
  • Baker & Taylor-library books 604.66
  • Becker Hardware-supplies 86.41
  • Black Hills Energy-gas utilities 155.26
  • Book Look-library books 281.81
  • Cardmember Services-libr supplies 254.12
  • Casey’s-vehicle operations 345.39
  • City Laundering-services 201.44
  • Decorah Tire Service-repair 45.81
  • Diamond Vogel Paint-supplies 885.60
  • DNR-permit fee 103.95
  • Doug Egeland Tiling-maint services 150.00
  • Family Circle Magazine- subscription 12.99
  • Family Support Pymt Ctr-pymt service 1778.00
  • Farmers Union Coop-supplies 203.33
  • Fayette Publishing-publication fee 125.49
  • Goodhousekeeping-subscription 37.42
  • Grout Museum District-library services 247.00
  • Hach Company-supplies 187.69
  • Hawkins-operating supplies 10.00
  • Helping Services-program contribution 200.00
  • IAMU-3rd qtr NISA fee 325.61
  • IIW Engineers-services 18938.00
  • Iowa Codification-services 235.00
  • Iowa League of Cities-dues 683.00
  • Iowa One Call-locate service 51.30
  • IPERS-July Ipers 2137.19
  • John Deere Financial- repair/supplies 129.71
  • Keith Lee-maint supplies 69.39
  • Keystone Lab-lab fees 265.00
  • Kyle Meyer-services 540.00
  • L&B Electric-repair 510.97
  • Luana Savings Bank-h.s.a.pymt 450.00
  • Malcom Enterprises-garbage service 4873.10
  • Midwest Tape-videos 15.74
  • Mower Power-mower 239.20
  • NEIA Regional Housing Trust- contribut 1000.00
  • NEIA Comm. Action-contribution 633.75
  • Ossian Little League-contribution 1600.00
  • Ossian Post Office-postage 191.84
  • People Magazine-subscription 116.07
  • Postville Vet Clinic-UPS chgs 45.50
  • Reminisce-subscription 29.98
  • Riley’s-library supplies 328.28
  • IRS-July Federal deposit 4120.52
  • TEI Lanmark Audio-audio books 784.00
  • Tom Bushman-reimbursement 66.81
  • U.S. Cellular-phones service 93.35
  • Wellmark-insurance premium 1695.66
  • Wick’s Construction-street maint. 3880.00
  • Wiltgen Construction-sand 46.90
  • Winn. Co. Development- contribution 1267.00
  • Winn. Co. Engineer-supplies 102.42
  • Ziegler-equip repair 1.72
  • July payroll 7764.77

Total 59774.74


July 2016 Expenses by Fund

  • General 23425.59
  • Road Use 7252.54
  • Employee Benefits 849.50
  • Library Trust 247.00
  • Capitol Project 15320.00
  • Water 3674.60
  • Sewer 9005.51

Total 59774.74


July 2016 Receipts

  • General 10050.98
  • Road Use Tax 7864.07
  • Employee Benefits 271.94
  • Emergency 45.38
  • Local Option Tax 8063.54
  • Library Trust 35.00
  • Debt Service 278.18
  • Water 12811.99
  • Sewer 13298.12

Total 52719.20