April 6, 2015

Posted: April 6, 2015

Present: Bushman, E. Meyer , M. Meyer, Langreck, Holthaus.
Absent:. None

Zak Kriener from the Ossian Bee, Don Dilaura and Brian Zweibohmer were present during the meeting.

Mayor Covell called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Keith Steinlage, from Farmers Union Cooperative, explained to the Mayor and Council their companies septic system is failing and is seeking approval to connect to the City’s sanitary sewer system. Discussion followed after which time, Bushman made a motion giving permission to Farmers Union Cooperative to connect their property at 1913 Co Rd B32 to the city’s sanitary sewer system. Farmers Union Cooperative will be required to obtain any necessary easements, will be responsible for all costs incurred for connecting to the City’s sanitary sewer system, and any property disturbed must be restored to the City’s specifications. The motion was seconded by M. Meyer and carried with all ayes.

Officer Ward gave the police report noting it was a fairly quiet month and included : traffic stops, a warrant and OWI arrest, and a burglary. Mayor Covell asked Ward to make a list of nuisances observed within the City. The list can then be reviewed to determine if action may be needed to abate them.

E. Meyer made a motion approving the following consent items March 2, 2015 council minutes, clerk’s reports and the monthly bills, seconded by Holthaus, carried.

Bushman made a motion approving a building permit for Jerry and Joan Ameling, seconded by E. Meyer, carried.

M. Meyer made a motion setting a public hearing date and time for May 4, 2015 at 5:00 p.m for the purpose of amending the FY15 Budget, seconded by Langreck, carried.

The Mayor and Council discussed urban revitalization information provided by Attorney Rick Zahasky. It was the consensus of the Council to invite Zahasky to a council meeting to have him explain the process involved so they have a better understanding of how the programs work.

FY16 Wages were discussed.. M. Meyer made a motion recommending the following employees receive a $1.00/hr increase setting their hourly wage for FY16 as follows: city clerk $20.40, water/sewer/street superintendent $22.40, water/sewer/street assistant $20.25/hr and a $.50/hr increase for the City’s part-time maintenance position setting the hourly wage at $10.50, seconded by Holthaus, carried.

Employee vacation benefits were discussed.

Bushman made a motion introducing Resolution #553, a resolution supporting and approving the comprehensive solid waste reduction plan submitted to the IDNR on behalf of the Winneshiek County solid Waste Agency, seconded by E. Meyer. The Mayor put the question on the motion and the following named Council Members voted:
Ayes: Holthaus, Langreck, Bushman E. Meyer, M. Meyer.
Nays: None.
Whereupon the Mayor declared said motion approved.

Options for pulling the trailer for watering the hanging planters on Main Street were discussed. Additional research will be gathered before an option is finalized.

The Mayor and Council went over cost estimates for seal coating and asphalt overlays on various streets and alleys.

Street repairs on paved streets was also a topic of discussion. More information and costs estimates will be put together for the next council meeting to help determine what streets and alleys will be repaired in FY16.

Bushman made a motion to adjourn, seconded by E. Meyer, carried. Meeting adjourned at 6:28 p.m.

March 2015 Expenses

  • Acentek-phone/internet charges 454.34
  • Aflac-employee deduction 161.52
  • Alliant Energy-electric utilities 5661.81
  • Allied Systems-lift station maint. 460.00
  • Baker & Taylor-library books 364.95
  • Becker Hardware-misc. supp/repair 1102.94
  • Black Hills Energy-gas utilities 1339.00
  • Brian Zweibohmer-mtg reimb 12.00
  • Casey’s-vehicle operations 193.21
  • City Laundering-services 80.04
  • Collection Service Ctr- employ.deduct. 990.00
  • Data Tech-mtg fee 47.50
  • Dennis Hageman Const- const.services 925.00
  • Display Sales-maint. Supplies 164.75
  • Don Dilaura-mtg reimb 12.00
  • Electric Motor Shop-repair 130.67
  • Farmers Union Coop-vehicle operations 281.72
  • Fayette Publishing-publication fee 216.32
  • Gundersen Med Ctr-member fee 80.00
  • Hawkins-operating supplies 10.00
  • IAMU-mtg fee 40.00
  • IIW engineers-engineering services 1567.50
  • IPERS-March Ipers 1966.49
  • Jeremy Larson- shop supplies 209.50
  • Keystone Lab-lab fees 235.00
  • Luana Savings Bank-h.s.a. pymt & fees 320.00
  • Malcom Enterprises-garbage service 5052.00
  • Midwest Tape-videos 204.66
  • Mr. Computer-tech services 41.25
  • Ossian Lumber Co-bldg supplies 1103.12
  • Post Office-postage 178.50
  • Postville Vet Clinic-UPS chgs 67.50
  • QC Analytical Lab-conference fee 125.00
  • Riley’s Inc-operating supp & services 231.00
  • Rite Price Office Supp-supplies 87.96
  • IRS-March Federal deposit 3375.65
  • Sensus Metering USA-software service 1570.34
  • Treas State of Iowa-1st qtr taxes 2017.00
  • U.S. Cellular-phones & services 93.39
  • Upstart-library supplies 32.50
  • Wellmark-insurance premium 1824.90
  • March payroll 8214.72

Total 41245.75


March 2015 Expenses by Fund

  • General 21393.69
  • Road Use 2750.08
  • Employee Benefits 2124.90
  • Water 6456.47
  • Sewer 8520.61

Total 41245.75


March 2015 Receipts

  • General 12040.03
  • Road Use Tax 7700.12
  • Employee Benefits 1047.64
  • Emergency 194.59
  • Local Option Tax 7117.14
  • Debt Service 1234.41
  • Water 9419.78
  • Sewer 11926.33

Total 50680.04